Snapseed; a powerful photo editing

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Snapseed; a powerful photo editing


Users of image-based social networks such as Instagram and Pinterest require creativity and skill in photography and image processing to increase their followers on their page and therefore attract the audiences to their page. Today, thanks to smartphones with multi-pixel cameras, it's easy to record and share moments in social networks. Though to share attractive and impressive images, you need to have a tool that will enhance the effects of your photo and change the image conformable to their request and taste. Photoshop is the most popular software for working with images and offers appealing features, but when you're in a special position and you're shooting with a smartphone, you need to have a tool at every moment and modify the photo according to your desire or bring the reality and imagination closer together. Photo editing apps designed for Android and iOS operating systems are always trying to enhance their capabilities and in addition to being distinguished from competitors, getting closer to the quality and efficiency of Adobe Photoshop. If we want to name the top 10 image editing apps, Snapseed is one of the few top photo editing software available in the world. This app, unlike other seemingly similar ones does not have a lot of repetitive and tedious effects. In addition to supporting all the basic tools in image editing, the Snapseed effects are distinct from ordinary and simple software filters. Because of these differences, Google bought the app in 2012, and should, of course, be praised for developing its capabilities. Among the most prominent competitors of Snapseed, one can mention the following:

Photo Editor Pro, Adobe Photoshop Express, PicCollage, Layout from Instagram, Photo Editor،Pixlr, PicsArt Photo Studio

What distinguishes Snapseed is its special features that make it popular with its audience. The first new feature, Double Exposure, allows the users to blend two photos of different models together; this feature is a technique that is used most in analog movies. Another feature is Face Pose, which allows users to modify the pose of portraits based on three different dimensional models. The third feature, Auto Tuning is also available, which will automatically edit the photo at its best possible. Finally, the Expand feature let users increase the size of their canvas and create a new space in their photos. Indeed, these features are brief examples of the total application of the Snapseed, which with a simple, attractive interface creates loyalty for the products. One of the reasons behind Snapseed's popularity is its filters. More than 25 filters are found in this app, among which the most popular are Drama, Grunge and Vintage.

Perhaps one of the disadvantages of this app with more than 50 million users worldwide is that unlike some software like Photoshop on Android, there is no possibility to capture photos within the app environment and the user has to first capture the photo and then open it in Snapseed.






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