Annual Book of Illustrators

معرفی کتاب

Annual Book of Illustrators


Illustration of books in Iran dates back to centuries ago, but new illustrations of children and teenage books in this land are fifty years old. The Iranian illustrator community has embraced an attractive and diverse range of artists from different age groups and with diverse artistic tastes. On the one hand, the Iranian artistic community is one of the youngest ones in the world, full of energy and sometimes courageous creativity. And on the other hand, it embraces efficient and very experienced artists, which, in spite of the vicissitudes of this art, remain on their strong wills. The illustration is sometimes an unstable and seasonal emotion which goes after a painter or graphic designers, and on the other hand, with its tremendous attractions, few illustrators can forget this activity. Sometimes it seems so simple that everyone can undertake it, and sometimes it has such harsh and hidden facts that simply turn brilliant creativity into ordinary talents. So, it seems legit to see all kinds of illustration works in the “Annual Book of Illustrators”. “Annual Book of the Illustrators, 2005” was the first experience to publish this kind of books. Though it should be considered as an important event and beyond experience. Before that, the publication of books containing the works by Iranian Illustrators was experienced in five periods of illustration exhibitions; and each of them was relatively representative of the realities and capabilities of its publication period. But in 2005, when the first edition of the Book of Illustrators has been released, an important step took towards the release of such works that it surprises its enthusiasts every year.

There are some important reasons for publishing the Annual Book of Illustrators, which dispel some doubts and concerns about the effectiveness of this book. The Iranian illustration community is one of the youngest artistic communities in the world. This young and immature community is full of energy, creativity, and capability but the current programs have not been able to benefit society from all this power. The publication of a large number of book titles in the country has not been accompanied by the presence of all the artists in this book. Because the producers of children's book looking for low-cost products and go after the easy ways. The first function of the book is to allow the young and eager illustrators to present their works. Therefore, the book reveals the extent of the Iranian illustrator’s efforts.

This collection can be a good reference for Iranian and non-Iranian publishers to select the works of the illustrators placing their orders according to their needs and based on the diversity of the illustrators’ vision. At the same time, we should not forget that the works of the book can be analyzed and evaluated to recognize the strengths and weaknesses of the Iranian illustration process over the years.

Who will find the book more useful?

• Iranian and non-Iranian publishers

• Illustrators and artists in the field of graphics and painting

• All interested persons and activists in the field of animation and motion graphics (in the subcategories of field illustration, character design, etc.)

• Content producers

• Child and adolescent activists


Pooyanama Publication, under the management of Mehdi Rezaei in the field of children and teenage publishes valuable works. The Annual Book of Illustrators is among works published annually by the order of Iranian Illustrators Society. On the other hand, due to the artistic and visual qualities of the book, it is presented in the size of (23*33 centimeters) to all enthusiasts of the field.


The Annual Book of Illustrators is an artist collective that is the result of a group of artists working together in the field. The Art Council of the Annual Book of Illustrators is formed with the participation of several Iranian artists, who has valuable experience in evaluating the works of illustrators. Previously, they have critically evaluated the illustrations of children’s books and selected works for presentation at exhibitions of each period. The works published in this book are selected on request of the illustrator and then the Art Council provides guidelines for better selection or presentation another illustration work.

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