What we do in Avideh-Brand Communication Agency?


What we do in Avideh-Brand Communication Agency?

AVIDEH Brand Communication Agency, is a brand agency based in Tehran-Iran. We offer a wide range of communication, Brand design and marketing services which include direct and shared mail, business support materials, customer communication pieces,Digital marketing, web development, SEO, email Marketing and creative social media campaigns, signage, demographic research and list acquisition as well as brand management consulting. We have the talent and skills to convey your specific branded message to the correct and targeted audience. Avideh- brand communication Agency is ontime advertising agency, Your projects are completed on time and on-budget.

What can we do?
AVIDEH Brand Communication Agency as a brand agency with more than 38 years of experience in branding and consulting to the producers in the nutrition areas (FMCG) and a full service agency in Iran.

professionaly has been attended in this field.

Honesty and being professional in this field is our rubric. AVIDEH Brand Communication Agency is ready to cooperate in preparation and conduct the programs related to the market activities especially in the food industry areas and other companies. Our vast cooperation as a brand agency with some top brands has enable us to base a corporate identity among these Iranian companies or international ones.

Some of our services are in the following areas:

1 - Negotiate and visit the employer in the branding brainstorm studio.

2 - Long term and short term strategic planning and also suitable tactics of creating a brand.

3 – Market researchers and competitors analysis through field and library studio.

4 – Corporate identity design , step by step marketing strategic plan and implementing campaigns integrated with corporate identity (organizational color, integrated fonts, and etc) for market positioning.

5 – Scheduling and running the brand advancement meeting.

6 – Design and create the Brand nameslogan of brand and tag lines of the product.

7 – Preparing in store advertisement booklet.

8 – Creating ideas in order to improve and enhance the designed advertisements in the shop floors and FMCG promotions and running special promotion events.

9 – Executing field marketing activities, merchandising and sampling.

10 – Organizing tours, seminars and sales and marketing meeting.

11 – Making divers tisers.
12 – Website and Multi Media design

13 – Media Purchasing including : T.V and radio commercials and foot prints purchasing the advertisement spaces such as billboards, bus stations and special printing medias, cinema executing sales advancement, implementing the promotion programs and seminars. Purchasing the advertisement spaces in newspapers and magazines and organizing media plans and budgeting.

14 – Implementing operative services according to the corporationʼs need including graphic and design (catalogue, flyer, poster and executing the decorations).

15 – Implementing the national and international exhibition and executing the decorations.

16 – Carrying the complex and special packaging services, offset and digital print.

17 – Product, location and industrial photography services.

18 – Finding the suitable professional and ethical contractors and synchronizing the contractors with the employer in order to pave the road for the employer to enhance the efficiency and make the employer monitoring easier.

19 - Digital marketing

The very first condition to enhance the relation between the customer and the agency is that the agency has the ability to handle the job in all sections and will finalize it with all its capacity and professionality. so that a brand is going to be made with the minimum cost.

Avideh Brand Agency has been working with these brands to date: LG,Takadaneh, Sun Top,Sunquick, Super max, Golshan, Looyeh, Tabriz food can industry, Medicom, Mahgol, Top butter, Daryan Dast,Tap30,Parskhazar,Bachehayeh Aseman,Tetrapack,Ashena and etc.

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